Thank you for your interest in becoming a Winners Inc Ambassador

‘Please read the following and confirm ‘Yes’ at the bottom to complete application submission:

Dear Potential Ambassador,

We are looking to you to help us raise awareness of our company, products, and even our publicly listed stock, we know our family of shareholders is the key.

As announced in our past press releases, Winners Inc. plans to accelerate its growth through exciting business expansion and continued rapid organic growth. This is only the beginning of potential growth and opportunity for Winners Inc.

Future Plans Include:

  • Key Growth with State Law Changes
  • Potential acquisitions
  • New contractual agreements to increase revenue significantly
  • A major push to bring on more celebrity and well-known sportsbook handicap pros.

Our Vision at Winners Inc for the Ambassador Program is the Following:

  • To create an energetic shareholder community that becomes Ambassadors for the Company that can work together with Winners Inc to help us spread the news about our products, give us critical feedback and introductions for furthering business sales and possible acquisitions.
  • Organize and create a strong group of shareholder supporters who may also be customers in our products working together to form a strong financial footprint that will truly market and create awareness for the company.
  • Create an influencer program for Ambassadors to strengthen their position within our community.

As Ambassador, your support has a multiplier effect. You will help strengthen our products and create a like-minded community to add value to the company and your own bottom line.

Ambassador Program Benefits:

  • VIP Access to meet company officers and social media influencers.
  • Special recognition on Social Media and Websites.
  • Free offers, discounts, and first-look access to our new products and services.
  • Special recognition by Winners Inc.

Ambassador Program Responsibilities:

  • Spread the word via social media, message boards, and social circles about Winners Inc and how to find us on social media and/or the stock market.
  • Assist the company in meeting potential investors when applicable and legally allowable.
  • Help in reaching out to potential sponsors, acquisition targets, and customers for our products.
  • We kindly request that you respond to our invitation to you with a YES, so we can include you in our family.

For further information and questions, you may mail us at [email protected]

Lastly, we’d like to sincerely thank you again for your continued support and we remain extremely gracious for your assistance.

With kindest regards,

Tom Terwilliger


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