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The Year 2020 in Sports

What is going on with 2020 in the world of sports? This year there was no March Madness. The NBA, NHL and MLB all took massive blows.Today, MLB announced that baseball lost over $3B this year. The LA Dodgers also paid dearly by winning the World Series but losing $100M along the way. And the Dodgers ownership has to throw in the World Series bling at another quarter of a million. 

College Football Powerhouses 

This brings me to college football. Not the way Alabama, Clemson and Ohio St plays. Not your Notre Dames, USC, Georgia or Oklahoma teams. We still see Florida, LSU and Oregon hanging onto the days of old glory. But where are all the teams of the past. The teams that we could count upon while feeling warm and fuzzy seeing them in the top 5 or top 10 and certainly the top 20 year after year. What happened and who took their place? Where have you gone Joe DiMaggio because history is NOT repeating it’s past?

I’m talking about this group. 

As you read this list, do you ever recall ten former great teams that have almost become extinct in the Top 25?  One or two are expected but look at this entire list and think about what has happened to each team and question if they’ll return. 

Penn St
Florida St
Michigan St
Oklahoma St

When these ten teams were sprinkled into the Top 25, the World seemed a whole lot safer. Those that resisted change or hung onto the status quo are curled up somewhere in shock. These teams keep coming up on betting lines and fans, the public and alike, continue to have their memories tricked by their horrible play and out of their bankroll of Benjamin’s. Is this a case that we gamblers should forget about them for years to come? Or do you go broke by backing a myth? One thing is for sure; the oddsmakers will still make you pay a premium to bet them based on loyalty and bad recall. 

Who are these newcomers?

This is the ranking of eight teams this week in the Top 25. I would bet if you know one player on any team, you’d be five players ahead of 99% of the betting public. 

7. Cincinnati
8. BYU
9. Indiana 
15. Coastal Carolina 
16. Marshall 
17. Iowa St
19. Northwestern 
21. Liberty 
25. Tulsa

This is what we’re left with. But for how long. The Athletic Director’s from the past list beginning with Michigan and going right down thru Baylor need to tape this AP Top 25 poll to each Coaches door. I would venture to say that every missing team from yesterday’s list makes over $1,000,000 per year. Some make upwards to $10M per season. I’m getting to my research to see exactly where Liberty is located. 

The Underdog

It’s so easy to root in the underdogs but it’s normally limited to one or two freak of nature teams. Not half of our top 20 or so. I grew to enjoy this years crop of top 10 teams but am really looking for the end of 2020 and replacing Coastal Carolina, Marshall and Northwestern with Michigan, Penn St and Nebraska. Hopefully everything changes next year and 2020 never repeats.