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The NFC East ATS thru Week 14

The NY Giants are 8-4 ATS. 

S/u 5-8 and 2-4 at home

The Football team is 6-5 ATS

S/u 5-7 and 4-2 at home. 

The Eagles are 4-8 ATS 

S/u 3-8-1 and 4-3 at home. 

The Cowboys are 2-9 ATS

S/u 4-9 and 1-5 at home. 

S/U against winning teams 

NY Giants win over Seattle last week was the first win over a team with a winning record thru week 13. On week 14, the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New Orleans Saints for the NFC division’s second win over a team with a winning record. That was my Pinnacle Bet of the Year (now 13-3). But let’s bet with the point spread and like the perception they give the masses. After all, the oddsmakers do this every week. 

Making money week 15-17

We can make money from week 15 to week 17.  Three  weeks of value and most bettors giving up on them. The oddsmakers know that.

The straight up record for this division is 17-32-1. But with the point spread, it brings us to 23-28.

A confident vote AGAINST Dallas 

The biggest culprit is Dallas; America’s team. The oddsmakers realize this. The public is ingrained to believe that. The bets continue to flow in on them. If we never bet on Dallas, the worst division in the NFL would now be 20-18 ATS. 

Adapt your thinking

In gambling at sports, sometimes one needs to adapt and change betting philosophies. It’s daring and risky but we sports bettors are risk takers. If we bet on the Ny Giants, Washington and Philadelphia but bet against the Dallas Cowboys, our ATS numbers would change to 30-21 ATS. 

Going against Dallas makes sense

It’s not out of character to adjust to these situations. Their starting quarterback is out for the year. Their backup got hurt for a few games. At four (4) wins, and needing one of the many college quarterbacks preparing for the NFL draft, why would they now be able to win? I don’t see the Cowboys playing for Texas pride. I don’t see them laying it on the turf for their coach. At times, even tho their paychecks are on autopay, I don’t even see most playing for Jerry Jones money. With injuries, lack of attitude and focus, a bet against the Cowboys and bets on the other three are the money makers. The oddsmakers know everyone has given up on this division and will make their opponents over-priced wager opportunities for the masses. 

Making money ATS in the NFC-East 

I will concentrate on more NFC EAST bets in week 15-17 to finish the season. I’ll be on for the most part, NY, Washington and Philadelphia and against Dallas. 

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