Hollis “Harvard” Barnhart Picks

Hollis “Harvard” Barnhart

Hollis “Harvard” Barnhart is an internationally-recognized sports handicapping Brand that provides sports bettors with an unparalleled return on their sports betting investment.Harvard’s tireless work ethic and analytical skills covers football and basketball with a special emphasis on Top 25 football and hoops with a West Coast bias.

Harvard has handicapped since 1982 making him the Dean of Vegas Sports Betting. Better known as Harvard, he is regarded as one of the elite sports handicappers of this era. Today, he is an acclaimed sports betting guru, high stakes poker player with a journey that has provided him with a great lifestyle and financial freedom.

His wide range of knowledge concerning both professional and collegiate teams has matched the Vegas oddsmakers year after year. If you ever have the chance to discuss sports betting with him he will definitely be unique and will discuss a few new paradigms in sports gaming and no limit poker that few if any have explored.

Handicapping experience, following the money trail and proprietary research utilizes advanced analytics, computer algorithms, math models and one of the most extensive technical databases in the handicapping industry. Harvard and his team provide unmatched profitability and return on investment on behalf of his clients and have consistently outperformed the investment industry since 1983.

His backroom plays, his high roller selections and the most successful club formed to date, “Three For The Money”, has kept Harvard beating the Sportsbooks longer than anyone. He’s sought after and has been on Fox, CBS and NBC radio fearlessly giving out winners for decades.

He answers all emails directed to: [email protected]

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