Millionaires Club. (Bet 5% of bankroll)

This is where it all began. Over 33 years ago. All of Wayne’s success over three decades as America’s leading sports handicapper can be traced back to the Millionaires Club. Bet and win the same games as the millionaire High Roller clients of WAR. It’s where all the hard work pays off. Wayne studies thousands of games per year, but only a chosen few wind up on his daily winners sheet for release. These are the Best of the Best one will find anywhere on a daily wager! This club is like his first-born child and he will always pay special attention to his baby!


No Limit Club  (Bet 5% of bankroll)

Wayne Allyn Root is a statistics expert, as well as a money management guru- a rare combination. He projects these winners and takes them to where there are no limits or boundaries. He studies the masses and knows immediately when they are wrong. This Contrarian action is then used to project the betting games of the public. This is the Contrarian side of this World Champion sports handicapper and member of the Las Vegas Walk of Stars.


Perfect Plays    (Bet 7% of bankroll)

These plays look at the value of the pointspread and add together situational, fundamental, historical and technical information to the matrix. Wayne’s database is second to none. The analytics and analysis are off the charts. Facts, trends, betting angles and statistical information are added to the mix. These numbers make betting this game PERFECT. The status of each selection is then compared to a wide range of money factors. We call these the Perfect Play because they are well…as close to perfection as you can find in the sports gaming world.


Inner Circle Club    (Bet 8% of bankroll)

This is a matrix of 33+ years of knowledge. This highest-level club follows the money trail of public vs “sharp” money being bet, while mixing in scheduling and psychological factors. You’ve now got the Vegas “smart money” winning edge.


PINNACLE  (Bet 10% of bankroll)

Nothing surpasses the reputation of PINNACLE. Many wonder how I consistently WIN with Pinnacle? Some have even gone backwards to previous year’s results to break these games down, using after-the-facts to create reasons that I played them. It’s not that simple. But this club isn’t about analysis or trends. It’s about Wayne’s lifetime of “Vegas Insider” connections- from the biggest bettors in Vegas, to the sharpest oddsmakers at Vegas sportsbooks and offshore casinos. Wayne now makes you a “Vegas Insider.” It’s as if dozens of the sharpest minds in the sports gaming world are working just for you…THAT’S VEGAS CLOUT!

One hint: If you are breaking down X’s and O’s on these games, you’re a coach; not a professional gambler. Bottom line, bet these games and make them your biggest bet of the day. They’re special. Out of hundreds of games to be played in a season, there will be around 20 to 40 that reach Pinnacle criteria. These are exclusive, they are the top of the mountain, they are THE PINNACLE.

The One & Only ROOT TRUST ($89)

The Root Trust contains Wayne’s 3 highest-rated games of the day. You can trust the best-selling product in the sports handicapping industry. This has been the #1 seller since Wayne Allyn Root built the top sports handicapping web site in America in the year 2000. Wayne made the bold decision to create value for his customers- by putting his 3 biggest pointspread winners in one place, for one low discounted price.

The trust not only comes from 33 years of winning, but years of experience playing chess with the oddsmakers, bookmakers and Vegas sportsbook directors and putting them in checkmate. In this Exclusive Club, you’ll receive Wayne’s Perfect Play, Inner Circle Club and “the best of the best,” PINNACLE. What a combination: Wayne Root’s best advice, his highest-rated pointspread winners and substantial savings for you every time!

The Gold Standard ($99)

For those who love action, here you receive Wayne’s 5 highest-rated plays of the day. Wayne set the standard which has become known as THE GOLD STANDARD throughout the sports gaming world. Wayne single-handedly merged sports gambling into Wall Street investment advice. You receive the same three highest-rated plays as The Root Trust, plus two more highly-rated and exclusive pointspread winners at the top of Wayne’s charts and graphs: The Millionaires Club, No Limit Club, The Perfect Play, Inner Circle Club and “the best of the best” PINNACLE. All in one place, for one low discounted price.

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