Here’s what Pete Rose accomplished

Baseball’s All-time Hit Leader 4,256
All-Time Leader Games Played 3,562
All-Time Leader At Bats 14,053
All-Time Leader Singles 3,215
All-Time At Bat Appearances 15,890


  • 3 World Series Rings
  • 3 MLB Batting Titles
  • One Most Valuable Player
  • Two Gold Gloves
  • Rookie of the Year
  • 17 All Star Game Appearances
  • 1999 Voted into Baseballs All-Century Team
  • Became known as Charlie Hustle based on his constant, unrelenting hustle
  • PETE ROSE played a major role in making Baseball popular!

Things Pete Rose DID NOT do!

  • He DID NOT use steroids
  • He DID NOT bet as a player
  • He DID NOT bet against his own team
  • He DID NOT change the outcome of a game
  • He DID NOT electronically steal signs to win a game, let alone a World Series
  • He DID NOT never admit to his indiscretion that many others still won’t admit!
  • He DID NOT buy drugs
  • He DID NOT use drugs
  • He DID NOT practice domestic violence or abuse

It’s time to end the ban against a man and true champion.

Nearly every red-blooded sports fan wants Pete Rose in the Hall of Fame.

A lifetime ban for this man is NOT a proportional response, especially given baseball “leniency” in the last couple decades

Baseballs rating and attendance have plummeted

Baseball needed Pete Rose and Baseball needs Pete Rose again now.

Baseball should beg Pete to come back and tour MLB parks to sell them out and bring fans back to America’s, now former, game!  Pete deserves it, fans deserve it too!


Please register below to add your voice to let Baseball know that Pete DESERVES to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

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