UFC Vegas 31, Saturday 07-17-2021 Dangerous Dan’s DOG OF THE NIGHT




Billy Quarantillo opened as an early favorite but Benítez has been steamed from a dog to over a 2:1 favorite.

Billy Quarantillo is not a fighter who’s particularly elite in any one discipline, but his balanced skillset, volume, and cardio, make him a solid and trustworthy fighter to lay your money on. When on the feet, his pressure, forward motion, and takedown threat, make him a nightmare for many fighters, and that’s what I see giving him the edge in this fight.

Gabriel Benitez, although a talented and aggressive striker, isn’t the best off his back foot, and is also prone to fatiguing late in fights, two things that are not ideal when fighting against a guy with Quarantillo’s skillset. Benitez will always be a danger with his evasive and powerful kicks but should his kicking game be stifled by Quarantillo’s forward motion, we could quickly see Benitez’s offense being shut down, and consequently out-landed or clinched up along the cage. And, if Quarantillo looks to take the fight to the mat, he will likely have some success with his top game, potentially forcing a finish late on, or at the very least, draining the gas tank of Benitez.

Benitez does have strong paths to winning this fight, either by responding well to Quarantillo’s pressure and out-striking him, by catching Quarantillo with a fight ending blow, or scoring a TKO due to a barrage of leg kicks. With this in mind, however, I still don’t see these paths being quite strong enough to have him chalked up as this big of a favorite, if even a favorite at all. So, for that reason, I’ve taken a shot on Quarantillo as the moderately-sized underdog, as I see some clear value there.


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