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YOU THINK YOU HAD A BAD DAY? Read this football bet.


Tulane 53.5 vs Tulsa -5.5
Bet Tulane
Bet Under
Halftime score is: 0-0

Points are ok getting 5.5
Under is incredible at 53.5
End of 3rd quarter

Tulane 14–Tulsa 0
Points are looking great
Under is 39 points from winning; So lock it up
Start of 4th quarter

Tulane. Tulsa
    14—14    1:51
    21—14.    0:06 left

Tulsa has ball with .06 seconds left. QB throws 37 yard pass to tie and send to OT at 21-21
First OT

Tulsa scores FG first 21-24
Tulane scores FG 24-24 to tie
2 OT
Tulane gets ball. Throws a 94 yard pick-6
Tulane 24
Tulsa 30

Final Results

Tulane bettor had + 5.5 to lose by the hook
Tulane bettor also had under 53.5 to lose by the hook. 

And you think you 

had a bad day?

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