Posted by Wayne Root on Nov 14th 2018



1. New Orleans---Review time: No defense. Can't play on the road. Will have huge letdown after defeating the Rams. Final score is Saints 51 Bengals 14. They are that good! Like when Kurt Warner led the St Louis Rams in "The Greatest Show on Earth" ( 1999-2001).

Can the Super Bowl Champs stop them this week?

2. LA Rams---The Rams put up 36 points on the Seahawks one week after their first loss and days after having 17 players evacuate their homes in the middle of Wednesday night with homes burning down among their own. That was focus and talent and incredible heart not to slack off in front of their fans. And they got a 36-31 win. This game Monday night has been moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles due to bad field conditions.

3. Kansas City---Coach Reid has this team winning with a dazzling offense. It doesn't seem as strong as with the start of the season. Good defensive coordinators and breaking down game film does miracles. The big question is, when will the Chiefs NOT be the worst defensive team in the history of the NFL? That will bite them down the road costing them home field advantage in the playoffs.

4. Pittsburgh---The Iron Curtain might be back! They at least made a return appearance last Thursday night against Carolina.Their defense gest to join an incredibly powerful offensive machine. Gentle Ben is not being gentle; but driven to the Championship Game. Onward to Jacksonville this Sunday.

5. LA Chargers-- Their kicking game is not one to bet on. If they had a 45 yard field goal or a 4th and 3, Philips Rivers stays in the game. Instead of waiting for the return of Joey Bosa, go find a kicker. With that offense and a sound defense, it would be a tragedy to have a few missed extra points here and there or a few chip shot field goals wide right cost you an entire season. Continue to win and someday, you might have as many fans for a home game as the visitors have there. So many fans like this squad!!!

6. Chicago---When will McDonalds have All-Everything MACK doing it's commercials. I'll have a double BIG MACK in the offensive backfield to lead this team when healthy to the Playoffs. Mitch Trubisky have made great strides. Throw in 15 degrees and a wind blowing snowstorm and they might stave off the rest of the NFC North. It starts at home in the Sunday Night showdown at home against the Vikings.

7. New England---As predicted last Sunday right here, the Titans upset the Pats. Brady is being made to look bad but it may be his surrounding casts. Gronk, Edelman and no named receivers are making life inconsistent for Brady. Then it's hard to place a finger on the defense but that side of the ball is playing better, but not great. I can think of a few games that the Patriots would have lost if it weren't for special teams coming thru with huge scores. What is this teams identity?

8. Houston---Blah Blah as everybody says this and that about the Texans. Well, they've won six (6) in a row, Only one team with more. They traded for some WR help. They're coming off a bye week. Their heart and soul defensive stars are all healthy. Now they travel to Washington where Vegas says they are the favorite. Let's see if those six wins meant anything on the field of play.

9. Minnesota---Timing is everything. The Vikings are coming into this Sunday Night game with off their bye-week to fave the Chicago Bears. Their last game saw the Vikings handing out 10 sacks to QB Stafford and Detroit. They need to increase their scoring numbers. Their defense is solid but they're not the '86 Bears type solid. Cousins needs to dominate instead of just being one of 11 players on offense. He needs to play like he's being paid.

10. Carolina---Just when you thought it was safe to go into the water; the Steelers smashed you! Your defense stunk up all the Heinz condiment packages at the Pittsburgh stadium. They've had 10 days to blame the coaches and now it's off the Detroit which nobody is sure what teams shows up in Motown. If the Panthers lose, they'll be 6-4 and the helpless Lions will be 4-6. This game is certainly critical for any hopes for the Panthers. Is it too early for "must win" games?



Washington---Nothing excites the fans with this team. And they're 6-3. Injuries and issues.

Tennessee---They defeated the Patriots. That speaks volumes. Big division game at Indy

Green Bay---Blame their season on the ones that made the schedule. Back to back vs Rams and Pats on coast to coast? Someone was jealous of Aaron Rodgers contract!!

Dallas---Can we say "season saved" performance? They actually performed very well. Now can they do it on the road again against Atlanta? Get this win then it's in Dallas for two games in a row.

Cincinnati---All I can say with certainty is that their defense sucks every year. How they have won more games than they've lost (5-4) should be a study at Wharton's.