Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • +$10K NHL RUN!
  • HOT 28-25 CBB RUN!


Active since:  2018

Location:  Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

Whether in life, or in sports, Tim Michael is a winner. Determined to "do things better," he brings a much-needed fresh approach to the sports handicapping industry. Tim's approach has been so successful that he walked away from a lucrative corporate career to pursue his "quest for value" on a full-time basis.

Tim handicaps all the major American sports on a full-time basis: NFL, NCAAF, NBA NCAAB, MLB and NHL. Additionally, he's been known to make plays on soccer, boxing, UFC, tennis, WNBA and golf. In short, if Tim's got an edge, he's going to exploit it.

Tim is fanatical about strict money-management. He rates his plays on a 5-10 star basis and suggests the following in terms of unit-size:

10* = 1% of bankroll
9* = 0.9% of bankroll
8* = 0.8% of bankroll
7* = 0.7% of bankroll
6* = 0.6% of bankroll
5* = 0.5% of bankroll

Tim will have 1-10 plays daily (average of 4-7), 1500-2000 plays (sides + totals) annually.  Tim typically releases plays early the morning of (or the day before for football plays) with big football plays (e.g.,  'Game of the Year’ plays) released roughly a week in advance.

Recent Notable Runs:

288-258 (+$8K) CBB run, including 190-159 (+$16K) w/ top-rated 10* CBB releases

117-95 (+$10.5K) with 10* NFL releases lifetime.

Hot Streaks

Among Leaders In MLB 2021

288-258 (+$8K) CBB RUN, including 190-159 (+$16K) 10* CBB RUN

117-95 (+$10.5K) 10* NFL RUN