Hot Streaks and Achievements

  • 4-0 NBA STREAK!
    17-7 NBA RUN!
  • 35-22 10* PLAY RUN (+12,120)!
  • 38-27 RUN on on ALL PLAYS (+8989)!


A true competitor, Lana Lane has launched her own sports handicapping service after working for years behind the scenes.

Active since:  2021

Location:  Calgary, AB, Canada

Lana Lane grew up in a competitive sports house, the only female in a family of older brothers.  She learned to battle them and hold her own. Often, more than that.  Now, Lana is the mother of two teenage boys, each playing sports at an elite level.  She is married to a competitive husband. Once again, the only female. Even her dog is male. Lana’s household is one big competition and she loves it. Ping-pong, board games, cards, football pools, swim races. Name the game and Lana’s the favorite.  She’s worked behind the scenes, doing research, for some of the biggest names in the sports handicapping industry. She’s also wagered on sports since a young age — her one guilty pleasure. Now, with it becoming mainstream and 100% legal, Lana’s excited to throw her hat into the ring against the best in the business. Follow Lana’s picks and you'll quickly learn, she’s here to win. 

Lana handicaps Football (NFL, NCAA, CFL), Basketball (NBA, NCAA) Baseball, Soccer and Hockey.

Lana is primarily a matchup-based handicapper. Certain teams match up well against others. Elite teams, or athletes, in any sport can stumble, if they meet up with the "wrong" opponent. She really tries to understand the impact of injuries. Some are far more relevant than others. She also places a high priority on certain situational factors. When the stronger team doesn't win, there are always reasons why. Lana tries to determine those reasons before they happen. Of course, getting the best line possible is always of the utmost importance.

Lana’s strongest plays will receive a 10* rating. Lesser rated plays will fall in the 5* to 9* range.

Lana is pretty selective. Depending on the day and the season, you'll usually see anywhere from 1-7 picks per day. Over the course of an average year, she usually will make 1000-1500 wagers. Lana will do her best to release daily games before noon ET. However, there will be cases where she will release "late-breaking" picks, based on line movement or new information.