Hot Streaks and Achievements



Dan “the Professor” Kaiser combines a high IQ approach to handicapping with an encyclopedic knowledge of sports to produce consistent winners.

Active since:  2018

Location:  Three Rivers, MI

A former teacher at an International school, Dan became known as "The Professor" and this name would follow him into the world of sports betting as he's continued to apply knowledgeable handicapping principles across all his bets. His days as a professor enabled him with a high IQ approach to handicapping and he has further developed a deep understanding of all facets of the game, be it football, basketball, baseball, or boxing. His contacts and friends include oddsmakers from the TAB in New Zealand to Vegas and practically everywhere in between.

After his teaching days came to an end, for over 25 years Dan worked as a silent partner to many of the industry's top handicappers. He helped the 'best in the business become the best with tireless hard work coming up with betting tidbits of information that no one else was uncovering and finding that elusive edge that many lack in order to truly beat the book. Over that span, he honed his skills by learning from the best while at the same time formulating his own unique strategy for winning.

Dan became a very profitable sports bettor in his own right while still working alongside his mentors. So much so, that with the recent Supreme Court ruling on PASPA, the timing was right for Dan 'The Professor' Kaiser to make a name for himself. He's decided to step out from the shadows, making his winning information available to all.

Dan strictly bets on the big 6 leagues (NFL, NCAAF, NBA, NCAAB, MLB and NHL).

Dan is a big proponent of identifying trends early and riding them until the market catches up. He is also very skilled at finding matchups where home field/court advantage is either overvalued or undervalued and exploiting the soft line because of it. Combining those factors with situational/motivational mismatches allows Dan to always stay ahead of the oddsmakers.

Dan’s standard releases have an 8* rating, with only his top plays getting a 10* designation.

Dan has anywhere from 3-5 plays per day in various sports, increasing to 5-7 during football weekends.

As for the time of release, Dan Kaiser generally releases his plays in the early morning ET on the day of the game. With NCAAF and NFL picks posted a day in advance.