Posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Nov 20th 2018

Let's not forget that records are made to be matched or broken. Today, let's ask this;

Can a 4-6 team still make it to the playoffs? Yes. There have been seven (7) teams that have made it to the playoffs after a 4-6 start. So what teams are we referring?

1. Denver

2. Philadelphia

3. Green Bay

4. Detroit

5. Atlanta

The real mix coming down the stretch are the 5-5 teams. It seems like most teams are still magically in the hunt with six (6) game to play.

1. Seattle

2. Dallas

3. Miami

4. Baltimore

5. Cincinnati

6. Indianapolis

7. Tennessee

These teams are dangerous and will be motivated to win out. With one loss, that team would finish 10-6 but many 9-7 teams have made it so some may have two losses and still make it depending on who they lost to.

Keep an eye on these teams progress and the value the linemakers give them. The public focuses on the top teams and division leaders and the two list above are discarded.

Wayne Root has made a 33 year lifetime of profits focusing on these teams. Some teams play ugly and win, others just play and get the backdoor cover, and there's always a team or two that emerges from this list and we make a boatload of money. Continue to come back to vegaswinners.com and Wayne Root will let you know.