Posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Sep 26th 2020

Why, Why, why was there line moves of two or more points on these NFL games? We know!

Here’s your choices.

A. NFL bettors can learn from the betting market.

B. NFL bettors can profit by following Wayne Allyn Root and his 33 years of experience.


1. Let’s start with the Houston vs Pittsburgh game. The Steelers are loved by all and Houston is 0-2 and still crying about sending their best star WR to Arizona. The opening line was Pittsburgh -6. Currently it has moved to -4. But only 52% of the bets are on Pittsburgh. So what does that tell you? We use that information daily in our analysis.

2. San Francisco opened at -6.5. The line is now -3.5 against the MY Giants. Here’s a question I know you’re thinking but don’t know the answer. When did the oddsmakers factor in this info? The 49ers saw running backs Raheem Mostert and Tevin Coleman, quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, defensive lineman Dee Ford, and linebacker Dre Greenlaw suffer injuries of their own to varying degrees. Tight end George Kittle missed the last week’s contest and remains out for this Sunday as well. Even if you and the entire world are aware of these injuries, the oddsmakers did also and you have little knowledge concerning the betting line here and how much the oddsmakers adjust for this. We do!

3) The Titans opened at pick and are now -2.5. We know how desperate 0-2 teams are. Why would the oddsmakers think differently? Or do they? Has the betting market place seen to much of Kirk Cousins? Is Tennessee good enough to be a road favorite and still lay this 2.5. Wayne can tell you.

4) Cleveland opened at -5.5 and made a move of two points. But that move crossed that magic number seven. The Browns are now -7.5. Who did what to cause this? Curious yet? We were and found out!!!

5) The oddsmakers thought Indianapolis should be -7 vs the Jets. Ok, no big deal. The line is now -11. Hold all bets!! WOW! Did the oddsmakers miss a line by four points. Are there other factors? Is the public betting the wrong side so the line adjusted? We have our NY contact on it currently looking for that all important information.

6) Arizona opened at -3.5. They are now -5.5. Detroit has looked decent. I think the public is betting the flavor of the week quarterback, Kyler Murray. More will be revealed I guarantee you.

7) Tampa Bay is in Denver and it opened at -3.5. Did the Tom Brady masses drive this line up to 6.5? Or are their actual football factors behind this? We know!! Have you checked Tom Brady’s record in Denver? Do you have the advanced weather reports? Of course we do.

8) The Saints opened up at home favored by -6.5. The current line is -3.5. Are they falling out of love with Drew Brees or is Aaron Rodgers on all the front pages getting the glory. Are there key injuries for New Orleans? Did the oddsmakers consider the trip to Las Vegas and the shortened week? Did the Saints hit a few clubs after their loss? Wayne definitely knows.

My suggestion is obvious. I want you as my client. Try my top pick; Pinnacle Play. Most get my Five (5) game Root Trust. The bottom line is you, we, all of us can win if you understand the oddsmakers betting factors and Wayne’s criteria which moves seamlessly and in touch with betting analysis by the Las Vegas Oddsmakers and his staff.

See you at the cash window.

Good luck in the NFL Week 3