Your Checklist for Betting Football

Your Checklist for Betting Football

Posted by Wayne Allyn Root on Oct 25th 2018

Dear Football Customer of,

Nobody needs to read an entire detailed book to figure out what is written here. This is not Med School. But if you don't bet correctly, you may have to go back to Med School to become a doctor in order to "pay the man."

I am going to make a MUST READ CHECKLIST for YOU to review. Something short and to the point. There is nothing hidden here. Just a few paragraphs for you to review your betting habits.

Let's see if you're a PRO or a JOE.

1) There's a HUGE difference in "sports betting" and "sports investing."
Many players guess and throw a $100 bill into the wind; hoping, praying. Few look at the over-all picture and see that investing on football picks is a process that goes week to week, all year long. Like many songs, they become a "one hit wonder." It takes hard work, 24/7, to become a Pro (professional gambler who wins) versus a Joe (amateur who loses most of the time).

2) Money Management.
Now that the $100 bill is on your favorite team, it will lose about 60% of the time. Now is NOT the time to continue to guess and chase to get even. But most do. Do you?? It's an ego thing for many bettors. Don't make that mistake.

3) Sports Bettors definition centers on "Pros vs Joe's."
The "Joe" is a recreational average unsophisticated person that basically guesses at picking a winner. They bet hunches, their favorite team, picks thru media manipulation and infamous "systems plays." He typically becomes a "professional handicapper" around his third Bud Lite.

The "Pro" is data driven. He wants to study point spreads and current line changes. He analyzes why the lines change. He uses team data, statistics, win-loss percentages, player injuries, historical trends in similar situations. And he "follows the money." He bets against the "dumb money" (amateurs) and with the smart money (pros). He takes the guesswork out of the equations.

4) The View from the Oddsmakers. What they see.
They already know what you watched on TV the prior week and will adjust their pointspreads accordingly, so they already have you beat. They know what the sports radio and TV hosts are discussing. They move the lines based on those games and ESPN sportscenter.. We used to call it the "Sports Illustrated effect." The Las Vegas Oddsmakers know the public will bet favorites and will therefore over-value those lines. They also know the players will most likely stay away from betting underdogs, so they need to add points to entice bettors.

5) The Professional Sports Handicapper
He knows this is *NOT* a luck-based business. He knows that sports investing is a profitable business that must be taken seriously. He understands that math is an ingredient in his analysis of the betting number. He will never have you on a progressive betting system, chasing. His biggest strength is "money management." He will shop and have you shop for the best numbers.

6) What a great Sports Handicapper like Wayne Allyn Root or the pros at VegasWINNERS will not do.
A. We will *Not* tell you a game is a lock!!!
B. We will *Not* double up to catch up.
C. We will *Not* bet parlays or teasers.
D. We will *Not* hit 75% winners or tell you we do. We might have a nice streak winning 70%, but that is *Not* a "forever percentage".

7) Professional Handicapper vs TV Football pregame panel.
A. The TV hosts can name the players on the team. They know all the coaches. They know how to talk about schemes and passing routes. They know absolutely zero about sports gambling...or winning...or the negative impact they have on the viewers' wallets.

B. The Professional Football Handicapper knows about the "Vegas Line." He knows the average person will win 40% (or less) of the time and tracks polls of gamblers, parlay tickets, counter bets at sportsbooks. He knows to bet the opposite way of the masses of amateurs.

He is concerned if an injury will impact the betting line, or if it is used by the media for manipulation purposes. The pro is in it to win!! His entire life is his investment in his craft. The TV guys have a salary, sharp suits and plenty of bling. But they are rarely right with their picks on TV. Their viewers lose a ton of money.



RELENTLESS in my commitment to winning.

The King of Sports Investing,

Wayne Allyn Root
CEO and President,