Do you know which team has the best defense AND the best record since the All-star break? (Answer is below)


Whether you want to believe it or not, throw out the regular season records for the NBA playoffs. Lay off the 10 years of trends. Look for anything but history. In fact, going against two teams season results will show more cashes. Trust me, the oddsmakers is making their lines knowing what the public will be.


If you see Fox, TNT or ESPN spouting out records of recent matchups, you’ll know what I mean. They are the worst. They’re accurate with their stats but the statistics don’t apply. So please try to avoid getting you betting selections from TV hosts. They are not gamblers.


NBA teams entering the playoffs now gear up for postseason basketball with the campaign wrapped up Sunday. Playoff seedings are set and we have a good look at each team’s route to hoist the Larry O’Brien trophy.


This figures to be one of the most wild NBA playoffs in recent history. The defending champion Golden State Warriors are the sixth seed in the Western Conference, but near three dollar favorites in their first round series with the Sacramento Kings. In the Eastern Conference, the reigning conference champion Boston Celtics will likely have to get by Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks, but prohibitive MVP favorite Joel Embiid lurks, hoping to ruin the party.


Three of the top four teams with the best odds to win the NBA title are from the Eastern Conference, led by none other than the team to last pull off a championship run.


The best team against the spread entering the 2023 NBA playoffs is the No. 3-seeded Philadelphia 76ers. The worst team against the spread, meanwhile, is the No. 7-seeded Miami Heat. It’s a guarantee the oddsmakers know this and they will make their own adjustments.


The Celtics, who were the preseason title favorites after finishing runner-up to the Warriors in last year’s NBA Finals, have the next best odds among the teams in the field at +360. The Milwaukee Bucks are the team to beat, at +240. Using a odds calculator, that implies a 29.4% probability Milwaukee wins. They paced the NBA in victories during the regular season and were the only team with a winning percentage above .700.


Answer: The LA Lakers