Let’s review yesterday’s 4-2 win with the San Diego Padres. (4/11) Given out as a free play. Be sure to follow.


The San Diego Padres have done well playing the NY Mets on the road. San Diego is now 7-2 in the last eight meetings with the Mets and 6-2 in the last seven in New York.


Baseball is slow to change the history between teams. It’s not until their current players are no longer around that trends begin to move. The Padres have great balance and play in the very difficult NL West honing their game day skills and forcing management to get great players.

They are stacked from top to bottom and have already shown that if one guy isn’t doing anything, someone else is.


These two teams were highly touted back in the offseason, so this plays up as a good chance for San Diego to prove their dominance over high caliber teams while away from home.


Yesterday, San Diego was up 4-1 in the ninth so they saved their relief pitchers as they were dominating the game since the Mets were held to 5 hits. I also liked that the public had 63% of the money on New York.


As a contrarian, that is another aspect of my decisions. There’s much more than just looking a data tho. Of course analytics help but so does being a World Champion handicapper living in Vegas. That victory work well yesterday but a whole new lineup and pitchers has to be analyzed for the following day. And so goes the constant grind.


Good luck betting baseball. The number 1 choice of top professionals like, Wayne Allyn Root.