The Super Bowl LVIII takes place Sunday, Feb. 11 at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas. 


As of Friday afternoon, the Chiefs are getting 71% of the betting tickets on the spread via Action Network. Over the last 20 years of Super Bowls, the record for percent of betting tickets for a team is 68% by the 2018-19 Patriots (beat Rams 13-3) and 2013-14 Broncos (lost to Seahawks 43-8).



The Singing of the National Anthem 



Sixteen consecutive musicians have taken at least 91 seconds to perform the national anthem at the Super Bowl. Reba McEntire does have a history of performing the national anthem very quickly, but with this price, we’re taking the over shoulder you decide to bet. This is the lowest national anthem total ever listed for a Super Bowl. McEntire has performed the song in as little as 65 seconds on a massive stage before. The longest she’s ever performed is 85 seconds. While that may make the under seem like a lock, we have seen musicians drag it out at the Super Bowl. Why couldn’t McEntire do the same the one time she will perform at the Super Bowl? With that; we will pass. 



The Coin Flip +100


Over the last 18 Super Bowls, heads and tails have each hit nine times. There’s a reason why when something is seen as a 50/50 chance, people say it’s a coin flip. Tails currently leads the all-time series 30-27, so we’re going to back heads to close the gap. This is a bet where the sports books actually charge vig on money for both sides. It should be no juice to get you started. Pass



The Gatorade Color

Purple +330


This is one of the few novelty bets that actually can be chosen with reason. Generally, the color is reminiscent of the color of the winning team’s uniforms. However, last year, the Chiefs dumped purple on Andy Reid. Athletes and coaches are superstitious people, and if purple worked last year, there’s no reason to think they won’t use the same color this year. Of course, purple is only going to hit if the Chiefs win this game. If you think the 49ers are more likely to win, then we’d recommend wagering on red. There are odds of +350 available for that color right now. We’d take a bet like that IF purple and red were the only two colors. Pass



The First Coaches Challenges 

Chiefs -115


Neither of these coaches use challenges very often. However, Reid does get a slight edge in this category. He threw five challenge flags this season, and four of those plays were overturned. That means he’s entering the Super Bowl confident, and if he thinks something should be challenged, he won’t hesitate to throw the flag. Kyle Shanahan only threw three challenge flags this season. In his career, he’s thrown just 37 challenge flags. That’s an average of just over five per season. Meanwhile, Reid has thrown more than six per season throughout his career. There’s no solid info to make a decision here. 




A repeat final score of Super Bowl LIV 


They’re calling this the SEXY "Super Bowl LIV repeat" since this 31-20 was the score when these two teams met four years ago in Super Bowl 54. While there is a catchy name associated with this prop, the odds of fate happening is almost nil. The odds of this happening are incredibly low, however, it’s not unreasonable to think this will be close to the final score. Plus, do you want to be the one person who didn’t believe in history repeating itself if this does hit and a $1 bet wins $300? We still take a pass. 



First Team to Call Timeout 

49ers -115


The Chiefs won the Super Bowl last year. They’ve played in huge games like this every year that Mahomes has been under center. They’re not going to be shaken by the moment. The same can’t be said of the 49ers.

Brock Purdy is a young quarterback who has been prone to mistakes this season. There is a chance that he could get rattled early, which could lead to an unwarranted timeout. This one is about 50/50, but there is a legitimate reason for the 49ers to call timeout first. Purdy may struggle to read what the Chiefs' defense is presenting him. We think it’s better to save your money for a better bet. Pass



2nd Half Under 


When the game hits the second half, the Chiefs have virtually run out the clock all season. Chiefs wins are 18-2 to the second-half under in their last 20 games and 19-1 to the fourth-quarter under. Since 2005, the Chiefs are the most profitable team to the second-half over or under, according to Bet Labs. A $100 bettor would be up $1,474 taking second-half unders in Chiefs games this season. The next-best were the 2017 Falcons — whose offensive coordinator was Shanahan — who were 15-1-2 to the under at +$1,348.


• 2023 Chiefs: 18-2, $1,474 (unders)

• 2017 Falcons: 15-1-2, $1.348 (unders)

• 2011 Browns: 13-2-1, +$948 (unders)

• 2010 Broncos: 14-2, +$1,088 (overs)

Well……..ok, we WILL look at this as the week goes. 


Good Luck and be sure to come back for my side and total AND all the prop bets I will bet. 


Wayne Root